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Welcome to Echoes in Time

March 15, 2018:

Echoes is still a thing. I have been waiting for Changeling 2e to come out so that I can redo chargen. The grid is still there. The wiki is still here (though will be getting an overhaul as we change some things up). I am still here.

Please Note: All invitations to Echoes must be cleared through Staff. If you have any questions, please consult the Staffer who invited you. We are not open. Once we do open, we will be inviting more people.

General Information

Echoes in Time

Anomalies exist, places that will come to be called Echoes. Within the Echoes, realities exist that are different from our own. No one has discovered them yet. They began to manifest only recently. Their nature remains a mystery waiting to be explored, experienced, and studied.


Some crave just a little more of it.

Some bear the weight of its ages and crave release.

Some are doomed to repeat history over and over again.

Some hold out hope that in time, all wrongs can be righted, all wounds healed.

It ticks on inexorably, but toward what?

Is there an end?

Is this the beginning of the end?

The World of Darkness is filled with those seeking answers. Who will find them? What will they be willing to do? What cost will they be willing to pay? What power might there be to gain from seeking the truth?

And then what?


Echoes is run using a combination of the Chronicles of Darkness (CoD), nWoD, and Custom rules in a World of Darkness setting. While we do use the Chronicles of Darkness ruleset, we do not use the theme of the God Machine itself. It does not exist as such within our reality. Our version of Demons, Angels, and such is closer to oWoD thematically and we will be converting Demon: the Fallen for use in our setting at some point in the future..

Our goal is to create a game that trusts players to make mature decisions about their RP within the guidelines set forth by game policy and treats failures to do so as exceptions rather than expected behaviour. It is also our goal to reduce "Agony" for both players and staff as much as possible. Agony is a combination of pain points for both players and staff usually created by unnecessary red tape, oversight, restrictions, and a lack of documentation, consistency, and/or communication which cause delays and frustration to all involved. We have no illusions of creating Utopia, but we do feel that putting these goals in writing is a helpful reminder to keep them in mind while running the game.

That said, Echoes is a sandbox game designed by Clockwork with a particular vision and philosophy in mind. We support diversity in the gaming community and honestly feel that a broad number of games operating under differing philosophies offer players a choice. We are aware that Echoes may not suit every player. We hope to provide enjoyment for those who have similar interests and we support other games with differing philosophies. We ourselves play on several games and encourage players give them a try as well. See the Resources page for links.

For information on our Staff, please visit the Staff page.

Getting Involved

Getting Started Quick Reference

Explore the IC World

To find information on the Boston area, check out the Material World realm section of the site. It contains information on the local area, maps, images, and information on the various neighborhoods around Boston. You can also check the other realm information for the Shadow, Hedge, and other areas under the General Info section of the drop-down menu. There's a lot out there to explore. Sometimes the locations themselves have stories waiting to be discovered.

Tell Stories

Do you like to tell stories? We encourage players on Echoes to tell stories for one another. There are some guidelines that we have put together in order to help everyone involved keep things running smoothly. Please check out the Storytellers page for guidelines as well as a list of our currently approved storytellers. (Note: One can still run plots without being on the list)

Join Channels

We have a number of both IC and OOC channels which players can make use of to arrange RP, ask questions, meet other players and potential play groups, and engage in IC communications. Some of them are locked until one has been approved into the appropriate group to access them. If there is a channel missing from this list please feel free to add it. Check out the Channel List for descriptions of each channel's purpose.

Join a Group

There are several different types of play groups on Echoes. There are some established Families on the game, some of which have been created by staff with particular goals and stories in mind. Some are player-created families. There are Businesses on grid that need employees or perhaps people to manage them. And then there are Play Groups which are groups of players or characters focused around some central theme or interest that have chosen to form a group to RP together. Don't find one that fits? Try your hand at creating one of your own.